ATTENTION: PASSPORT is accepting referrals to the home-care program. Call PASSPORT Intake at (614) 645-7250.

PASSPORT provides help at home for seniors as an alternative to nursing home care.

Senior services available include homemaker, transportation, personal care services, home-delivered meals, emergency response systems, adult day services, and case management.

PASSPORT, providing help at home for Ohio seniors, is also referred to as Ohio's home and community based Medicaid-waiver program for older adults.

Click here to download the PASSPORT flyer or visit the Ohio Department of Aging's PASSPORT webpage.

Request additional information for you or a loved one HERE.


To be eligible, a person must be 60 or older, meet financial requirements, and have qualifying functional impairments (health problems, etc.). There are other eligibility requirements - please call or email to learn more about help at home for seniors.

In addition, those who are eligible for PASSPORT in Ohio receive a Medicaid card to cover the cost of medications and health care.

How do I apply?

For additional information on help at home, please call the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging (614) 645-7250 or (800) 589-7277.

Ready to get help? Call COAAA at (800) 589-7277.