Caregiver Publications & Videos

Caregiver Toolbox

Caregiver Toolbox workshops are offered free to community groups, businesses, and other organizations. The Toolbox topics address everyday challenges that may be experienced by someone caring for an older adult or person with a disability. COAAA caregiving experts can present individual topics or the entire series. To schedule a topic or the Toolbox series for your group, please contact Lynn Dobb at 614-645-3885 or 800-589-7277.

Accessing Aging Resources (Online Video) (Handouts)
Caring for a loved one? Learn about resources and services that can help older adults and their family and friends assisting them with everyday living.

Planning Ahead series 
Avoid making critical decisions in the midst of a health crisis. Long-term care, the financial realities and legal tools for planning are discussed. Also addresses key considerations and resources to help with planning after the death of a loved one.
        Having the Conversation (Online Video) (Handouts)
        Important Documents (Online Video) (Handouts)
        Financial Realities of Medicare and Medicaid (Online Video) (Handouts
        Housing Choices (Online Video) (Handouts)
        After a Death (Online Video) (Handouts)
        If you are a Veteran (Online Video) (Handouts)

Navigating series 
Interacting with Healthcare Providers 
        In the Hospital Setting (Online Video) (Handouts)
        Palliative Vs. Hospice Care (Online Video) (Handouts)
        Finding and Managing Care at Home  
        Finding and Managing Care in a Long Term Care Facility (Online Video) (Handouts)

Nuts and Bolts of Care series 
Moving, Lifting and Transferring 
        Managing Medications 
        Common Equipment and their Use 
        Adapting the Home 

Preventing Burnout series 
Caregiving Through the Holidays (Online Video) (Handouts)
        Commons Signs of Burnout (Online Video) (Handouts)
        Strategies for Treating and Preventing Burnout 
        Common Family Dynamic (Online Video) (Handouts
        Challenging Care Situations (Online Video) (Handouts)

Dementia series 
What Do We Mean by Dementia? (Online Video) (Handouts)
        As The Brain Deteriorates: What Stays and What Goes? (Online Video) (Handouts
        Managing Common Behaviors: Wandering, Bathing, Toileting, Sleeping, Eating (Online Video) (Handouts)

Caregiver Workshops & Training

Caregiver workshops are available free of charge in COAAA’s eight counties. County partners may offer training and education sessions as well. For a list of topics view our Educational Presentations BrochureContact COAAA to find out if trainings are currently scheduled in your county or to make arrangements for caregiver workshops for your group.

COAAA offers free training for first responders that highlights tips and resources for interacting with older or frail adults and their caregivers? One of the topics includes interactions with people with sensory impairments, cognitive impairments, and dementia.

Caregiver Publications

COAAA Resource Guides cover a variety of topics. Guides can be downloaded or ordered free of charge from COAAA. Topics include caregiving, housing and downsizing, utility assistance, transportation, and more.

A few key Resource Guides are listed below and more can be found at

Caregiver Toolbox - Guide to Independent Living
Housing and Home Repair Guide (Senior)
In-Home Care & Hiring Guide
Long Term Care and Hospice Guide
Moving and Transitions Guide
Support Groups