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Housing Information

Seniors often need to make different living arrangements as they age and their health and/or finances change. COAAA’s Housing Guide includes a lot of information to help you make decisions. It also describes and lists apartments for those with a low income that allow someone to pay 30% of their income, and apartments that rent for less than market rate, for:

  • seniors
  • individuals with a disability
  • seniors raising children
  • individuals who have mental illness,substance
    abuse or a history of homelessness

Lists of apartments to print out are given for each of the eight counties served by COAAA (Delaware, Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Pickaway and Union).

You can also use our housing search to find low-income apartments. You can search by county, for seniors, or for people with disabilities.
The Housing Guide provides information about apartments with supports, public housing, vouchers, preventing foreclosure, tenant advocacy, reverse mortgage, universal design, and homeless shelters.

There is also a description of care facilities, including Adult Care Facilities, Retirement Campuses, Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Facilities. It includes lists of these types of care facilities by county. These lists were taken from two other websites which can be checked for the most current lists: www.LTC.Ohio.gov and www.mha.ohio.gov.