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How do I become a paid caregiver?

If you are currently caring for an older adult, and you would like to become a paid caregiver through COAAA, the person receiving care must be eligible/enrolled on PASSPORT, and then transition on to Choices.

If you would like to become an individual home health aide as a career, consider registering with the Community Care Registry. The Community Care Registry (CCR) is a no-cost registry and referral service administered by the Franklin County Office on Aging. Call the Franklin County Office on Aging Community Care Registry at 614.462.4161.

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Cases of suspected abuse, neglect, self neglect and financial explotation are reported to the County Department of Jobs and Family Services in the county in which the person resides.

Elder Abuse Frequently Asked Questions (Franklin County Office on Aging)

Individual County Information

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How do I get my family member out of a nursing home?

Call COAAA at 614-645-7250 or 1-800-589-7277 and ask for an assessment with the PASSPORT Program. This is a free, unbiased, no-obligation assessment to discuss community-based services for which the family member may be eligible.

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I think my dad is being abused in the nursing home - what do I do?

Ohio Department of Health
246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

1-800-669-3534 Health Care Safety 
Live Call Coverage: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Fax: (614) 728-9169 or (614) 564-2422
E-mail: HCComplaints@odh.ohio.gov

For more information, you may also contact the Long-Term Care Ombudsman.

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I'm under 60, where can I get help?

Contact CareStar at 614-751-7777 or 1-800-616-3718.

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Where can I find rental assistance?

In Franklin County, if you are an AEP customer, call 211 and speak to a Firstlink Representative that will direct you to the appropriate office.   Both the Salvation Army and Community Action Agencies in your area may have funds.

Salvation Army

Community Action Local Agencies

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Where can I get one of those things that goes around your neck in case you fall down?

The device is called an Emergency Response System (ERS), and several companies provide them at various costs. COAAA does not endorse any providers of these systems, but a few companies that provide them include:

  • ADT Security Systems: 1-800-568-1216
  • Lifeline Systems: 1-800-451-0525
  • Rural Metro: 1-800-848-8814
  • VRI: 1-800-860-4230

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I'm a low-income senior who needs help with home repair, snow shoveling and lawn mowing.
Where can I get help?

While funds are sometimes limited for these services, there are some organizations to contact.

Home Repair only:

  • Economic Community Development Institute  614-732-0894

Home Repair/ Shoveling/ Mowing:

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How can I get weatherization for my home?

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Where can I find transportation for low-income seniors?

Transportation services vary from county to county.

In Franklin County, contact:

  • American Red Cross: 614-253-7981
  • COTA Mainstream: 614-228-1776
  • Transportation Resources: 614-251-6731

In all counties, check:

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