Specialized Recovery Services

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The Specialized Recover Services (SRS) program officially started at the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging (COAAA) on August 1, 2016.  The program is aimed at helping individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and who may be at risk of losing their Medicaid due to losing their spenddown.  The Medicaid Spenddown is where certain individuals qualify for Medicaid if they spend their excess income on medical bills.  Individuals, who meet eligibility for the SRS program, may also keep their Medicaid coverage, as well as obtain additional services through Medicaid.

Caresource was selected as one of the case management agencies for the SRS program and has delegated this responsibility to COAAA.  Recovery Managers at COAAA will serve individuals who are eligible for the SRC program.  Recovery managers at COAAA will provide assistance in developing a care plan that meets the individual’s specific needs.  

Other services that the SRS program provides include:
Individualized Placement and Support-Supported Employment-help finding and keeping a job
Peer Recovery Support – support from others with similar life experiences
Basic eligibility requirements are:

•    They have income less than $2,199 per month or $26,388 per year
•    They are 21 years of age or older
•    They need help with activities such as medical appointments, social interactions and living skills
•    They do not live in a nursing facility, hospital, or similar setting
•    They are determined disabled by the Social Security Administration

Recovery Managers at COAAA completed more than 150 eligibility assessments prior to the August 1 date.  Recovery managers are now providing ongoing care coordination to individuals in the SRS program and are completing assessments for continual referrals.


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