New Provider Applicants

Provider Types

Long Term Care Agency Provider: The provider is a legally-organized entity that employs staff, is registered with the Ohio secretary of state and has been operating, furnishing services, and being paid for the same services for which certification is being applied for at least two adults in the community for a minimum of three months at the point of application.

Non-Agency Provider: The provider is a legally-organized entity that is owned and controlled by one person and that does not employ a staff.

Consumer Directed Individual Provider: The provider is a person that a consumer directly employs and supervises to furnish a choices home care attendant service (CHCAS). The provider must already have a consumer for whom they will provide service.

Assisted Living Waiver Provider: The provider shall be licensed as a residential care facility by the Ohio department of health under rules 3701-17-50 to 3701-17-68 of the Administrative Code.

Providers wishing to service MyCare Ohio Waiver Consumers must first be certified by the Ohio Department of Aging or the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

Ohio Department of Aging Provider Certification Section