DRIVE Training

NOTE:  In person, face to face DRIVE trainings and DRIVE Trainer Trainings are temporarily suspended due to COVID 19 rates in Ohio. These events will be resumed in 2021 when it is deemed safe to do so. Check back to this site in early 2021 for dates and registration materials.

DRIVE training is a program for drivers who regularly transport passengers with unique needs related to aging or disability. DRIVE training offered by COAAA fulfills the transportation quality assurance standards required for providers under the Older Americans Act Title III services in Ohio and Ohio’s PASSPORT Medicaid Waiver program. COAAA schedules DRIVE training and train-the-trainer sessions throughout the year.

DRIVE Course Information

Transporting Older and Disabled Passengers

DRIVE Course Schedules and Registration



  • DRIVE Train the Trainer  -  Dates and Registration materials for spring 2021 to be posted early 2021



  • DRIVE Course  -  Dates and Registration materials for spring 2021 to be posted early 2021
  • Defensive Driving Classes -


Other Courses Around Ohio:

There may be other courses offered in your area of the state. Please check with your Area Agency on Aging which serves your area of the state for course availability. Ohio AAA map


  • 2021 Active DRIVE trainers list.  This is not a public list.  Most DRIVE Trainers are training staff from their own companies.  For a copy of this list, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 614-645-7300.
  • Some DRIVE trainers are able to train people using the DRIVE Curriculum outside their companies.  They generally charge a fee for time and materials.  The list of those individuals is here.
  • DRIVE Trainers Recordkeeping Requirements

State of Ohio Rules

Information on Transportation and Disabilities