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Aging Solutions is a non-profit foundation that supports the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging's mission to promote choice, independence, and dignity for older adults and people with disabilities.

Often individuals served through the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging need just a little extra help to maintain their quality of life and independence at home. Aging Solutions provides emergency funds for prescriptions, health and safety repairs or purchases, and other essential support.

Become A Donor & Make A Difference

You can support older adults and people with disabilities and the important mission of Aging Solutions.  Your donation helps ensure that vulnerable individuals maintain their health, remain safe, retain their independence, or obtain or retain housing.

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Mail checks to:

     Aging Solutions
     3776 South High Street
     Columbus, Ohio 43207

Aging Solutions thanks Altrusa International, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio for their support.

Holiday Gift Drive

The Holiday Gift Drive provides COAAA consumers with gifts at the end of the year. For many, it is the only gift they receive.

The Holiday Gift Drive was started in 2006 by Judy Camp, a registered nurse who dedicated her life to the care of senior citizens. She was inspired to start the gift program because of a thank you note she received from a nursing home resident who had received a Christmas card from Camp.  

In the first year of the program, Camp and her daughter Mary Donahue sponsored gifts for 100 seniors. The gift drive has continued to grow each year and is an amazing legacy of Judy Camp, who passed away in 2010. It is a labor of love for Donahue, who is a board member of COAAA’s non-profit foundation Aging Solutions and who continues to provide leadership to the program in honor of her mother.  

For many of the individuals who receive a gift, it’s the only present they get at the holidays. In early autumn COAAA case managers identify people they serve and determine what they wish for; often it is items such as books, DVDs, and everyday necessities such as microwaves, vacuum cleaners, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. The goal of the program is to match a gift to the client’s wish list by sharing the list with anonymous donors who are often called Secret Santas. 

In 2017, Mary Donahue coordinated gift donors from AEP, Bella Care, Chase, and Honda, who sponsored about 1,000 people. Gift donors from Besa, a program that connects people with causes in Columbus, provided gifts for another 1,000 people. The kindness and generosity of these donors bring smiles to the people served by COAAA and staff members.

Holiday Year 'Round Fund

There are times when a small amount of financial support can make a big difference. When people served by COAAA have nowhere else to turn, Aging Solutions provides assistance to keep them healthy and safe where they live.

$10 could provide emergency funds for a prescription
$25 could provide emergency food replacement after an electrical outage
$50 could replace a broken microwave, necessary for home-delivered meals
$100 could provide a home repair essential for safety and health

Examples of funds used:

  • Swimsuit for prescribed water therapy: $11.98
  • Emergency case of Ensure: $19.99
  • Room (Baby) Monitor for caregiver to be able to hear consumer with dementia: $27.91
  • Bedding: $39.38
  • Microwave: $46
  • Lift Chair Repair: $80
  • Gas Line Repair: $362

"There are multiple people I see who have come from homeless shelters and have no income and no means to buy personal care/cleaning items. It was a pleasure to be able to provide these items to residents who are starting up once again in their lives." - Cathy, COAAA social worker

After 10 years in a nursing home, Carolyn (right) was able to move in to her own assisted living apartment (through a Medicaid program called the Assisted Living Waiver). She has no family except for a daughter, who has her own severe health problems. Television is Carolyn's only form of entertainment, but she didn't have one in her apartment. She had been saving $5 a month to buy a TV, but then she had to use the saved money to pay some pharmacy bills. Her hope for a TV seemed even farther away.

Her case manager, Linda, didn't tell her she might get a tv for Christmas through the Holiday Gift Program, so it came as a total surprise. Linda said she has “never received such a generous gift in all of her life” and was overwhelmed with emotion.

Seniors like Carolyn are why the Holiday Year 'Round Fund was created.

Board Members

Aging Solutions is led by board members David Anderson (treasurer), Jerry Borin, Kevin Craine, Esq., Mary Donahue, Alicia Lein (board president), and Jane Taylor.


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